PROFILE OF Dean Jackson (Director)


        Confident, highly motivated and energetic Systems Engineer and Project

        Manager with a proven track record of delivering within fiercely

        competitive and fast paced environments and a strong focus on coupling

        system quality and security to demonstrable added value.


        An enthusiastic problem solver who can identify issues and resolve them

        quickly to build an ambitious and productive culture that adds genuine



        An outstanding communicator who is always clear and informative and able

        to forge relationships with people of all ages and from all social and

        cultural backgrounds.


        A natural leader able to maintain composure and confidence in stressful

        situations, bringing discipline and control to uncertain environments.

Dean is always a relaxed and energetic person no matter how stressful the situation.

After being told for 2 years it would never happen in his village  by experts, his internet provider and several others he did not give up.

Most would have.

After years of campaigning, local man Dean Jackson is celebrating the arrival of super-fast optical fibre broadband to Stoke Hammond village. This year they have another late Christmas present of superfast broadband coming to the village!


Village resident Dean has spent the last 9 years lobbying British Telecom to upgrade the broadband supply to his village. Stoke Hammond, like so many other villages in the area, suffers from very low strength internet connectivity.

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