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Hosted PBX - What is it?


Put simply Hosted PBX provides a fully managed telephone service to your business, removing the need for you to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment. Although the telephone service is fully managed, Hosted PBX provides you with simple tools to make common changes in real time - increasing the efficiency of your business.

Features include:

    Removes the requirement for capital expenditure on a telephone system and its installation

    Removes the requirement to have a secure location on your premise to house the telephone system

    Removes the requirement to employ telephone system specialists to keep the system maintained

    Simple licensing for end-users means extensions can be switched on and off as and when required

    Plug-and-play phones - zero configuration required

    Ability to keep your existing numbers and add additional local and national UK

    Feature-rich with the ability to pay for what you want when you want it – hunt group, auto attendant, call centre

    Advanced call control features accessible through an easy to use toolbar on your PC/MAC

    Smartphone integration for Android and iPhone – you can always be in when you are out

    Plug-and-play phones - zero configuration required

    Supports the Green IT Initiative – no power, no heat generation, no cooling!

    System maintained 24x7/365days fully resilient and geographically redundant

How does it work?

    Simply take an IP connection from Techdean – either business broadband or Ethernet leased line, Techdean are a re-seller for carefully selected companies.

    Choose a Hosted PBX service, specifying the number of extensions and features you require

    Make free intra-site and cheaper UK, mobile and International calls

Which businesses will benefit from a Hosted PBX service?


    Busnesses looking to replace their Key System due to it being end-of-life

    Businesses looking to reduce their capital expenditure

    Businesses who value the features of a traditional telephone system, but cannot afford the CAPEX

    Businesses who are looking to reduce their telephony costs

    Businesses who are looking for a flexible multi-site solution


    Businesses who have home workers

    Businesses who have retail outlets

    Businesses looking for a telephony solution that provides a seamless failover in the event of network faults